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Claude and Olivier character sheets by Razuri-the-Sleepless Claude and Olivier character sheets by Razuri-the-Sleepless
oh my, there character sheets took me ages, probably mostly because I'm working a lot slower since I'm running on antibiotics Q_Q

anyway, here I present characters from mine and :iconkaido-san: roleplay taking place in my world from my story "Far Beyond the World"
in secret: their looks are based of mine and my best friend :'D they're kind of out genderbent versions, haha. So, in fact, Olivier's looks are kind of similar to mine and Claude's to my friend Claudia >w< hope you'll like it

character information:

Olivier (alias "Falcon")

- stubborn, a little crude and loud yet collected and watchful.
- occiasionally gives his friends mallicious remarks while smiling viciously. (Which is why they want to kill him sometimes)
- cheerful when being with his friends (especially when he's with his best friend, Acril)
- aggresive when approaching foes (and he has maaany, many).
- a little dorky at times (he tells really dry jokes nobody laughs at)
- his body temperatue is so high he's like a living heater, so he doesn't wear that much even in winter.
- has good health but he's challenging it through sleep depriving.
- underpriviledged and pretty poor (especially since he lost his job as a policeman).
- due to some bad events in his past he's become paranoid and sleeps with his weapons (which is a nunchaku and a gun). In fact, he never parts with his weaponry. He always sleeps alone as he's embarrased of his sleeptalking (he often has dreams about his past which is very uncomfortable for him.)
- he's extremely protective over the ones he cares about and he would fight to death just to keep them safe. He's very serious about safety issues.
- he's vowed publicly to protect everyone who suffer because of racism occuring lately in Celestia
- he's finished a music school in Ras Algethi city majoring in singing, playing piano and guitar
- now that the music in Celestia is banned since year 201,0 (8 years ago), he's been struggling to make it legal again. Currently he's trying to conduct a demonstration with the object of freeing his music teacher.
- he has a frowned, worried expression on his face almost all the time
- he has kind of a "gimlet eye"; his stare is so intense it feels like it's piercing through soul. Strangers, beware of his suspicious glance, it can kill
- his clothes are buttoned on the back
- even though he doesn't want to, he tends to get involved in fights

- singing, dancing and playing on guitar/piano
- when somebody combs his hair/ pets his head (he absolutely loves that, it's just so relaxing)
- looking at his friends having fun
- fatty food
- colorful drinks
- his music teacher

- giving up to emotions
- injustice and racism (even though he's a Celestian with big wings, which is considered "better" than others, by some individuals)
- embarrasing situations
- losing
- being wet
-asking for help


- he's of Aerlee race - their wings shrink when they become self-concious or just scared, and grow, when they start believing in themselves.
- shy, innocent and self-conscious, doesn't speak out much on his own initiative
- gentle, kind and good - tempered;  he speaks with a low- pitched voice (which results in his voice being competed in a louder conversation)
- his manner of speaking is very formal, showing his interlocutor a lot of respect
- very concerned about what others think about him, afraid of being judged
- when he starts to get nervous, he tends to stutter. (this actually happens a lot)
- afraid to have his own opinion on various matters,  specially matters that concerns him; chooses to be co-dependent
- really can't say "no", especially to his younger sister;
- he would do anything he can to make others happy, even at the expense of his own health or leaving his responsibilities
- he's extremely sensitive about harm and detriment - when he sees someone getting hurt he leaves everything he was actually doing and goes to help - it's one of the rare occassions he doesn't really pay attention if the injured really wants this help of not and he's resolute and strong-minded
- he has a little knowledge about convention and social standards - even though he has mastered the rules of savoir-vivre, sometimes emotions and innocence
outweigh the common sense and things like private space and private subjects just stop existing
- when he was very little, he fell into a pond - he contracted a really serious case of pneumonia from which he almost died; ever since he has really poor health and he catches cold a lot
- he tries to hide his weaknesses at all cost - when he's sick/ tired/ hurt - to not make others worry about him
- "the pond incident" caused him to try to overcome his fears - he finished a magical school majoring in Water Magic.
- He can alter the laws of physics to use water to his own needs
- actually he's studying medicine; he dreams of becoming a doctor, to be able to help others
- in extreme situations he practices a combination of medical knowledge and controlling water in body; which causes him to suffer (because he starts to feel the same pain as the injured)
- he constantly feels cold and often shivers with cold and his hands are cold as ice (he's very embarrased about that)
- he comes from a noble family, which he's trying to hide, because he's afraid of being rejected because of that matter
-his family always attached a huge importance to music, which was passed on next generations for decades. Claude can perfectly play on guitar and he can easily master all stringed instruments
- guitar was his biggest passion until the time the music became banned under the threat of detention. Now it's kind of a sore memory

- being accompanied by the ones he cares about (he's been alone for the majority of his life and he's had enough silence)
- when he gets treated with food (it makes him think about his home)
- fresh fruits (especially citrus fruits)
- he would never admit it, but he really likes when his sister takes care of him, which doesn't exclude activities that invade him, like choosing what he should wear and doing his hair
- singing with his sister old lullabies and songs from their childhood (they do that in secret though, since the music is strictly banned)

-winter and everything that's cold (like strong wind)
-racism and being persecuted for reasons of social status, opinions or own decisions
- his wings (he considers them to be the quintessence of his failure as a celestian being
- his
oversensitiveness because of which he cries a lot


They've met for the first time in a hospital, where Olivier was transferred after a fight in which he got one of his wings broken. Oliver invites Claude into the world of danger, illegal music and fighting for freedom.  Their relationship can be described as, like some people call it: "that sexual tension between a tank and a healer xD".
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