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January 12, 2013


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Hello everybody!
Just few days ago I announced the voice acting casting and now, when it's over, I must say, I'M OVERWHELMED with the amount of help and submissions to the animation project! ;A; Overall, I've got over 250 submissions that I'm still checking out (so I'm sorry If I my replies are a little delayed..But I'm just a person, not a company X'D). Regarding to the fact that I've got so many submissions and the choice of the actors is constantly getting harder for me (some of them were so great I've been nearly spasming due to the excitement), I've decided that I'll announce the cast on Monday 21th :) Thank You once again for all Your concern and interest in the casting and project overall, I promise to submit more works in progress from the project as soon as we have something new :heart: :heart:

Here is the storyboard for the animation: Far Beyond the World Trailer storyboard 1 by Razuri-the-Sleepless *links to next parts are in artists description
The storyboard is for about 4/5 of the whole animation,we're still fixing it : )

And are the characters and their scripts :…  Arthur Richtig, Zenn's father, astrophysicist and an astronaut (the official character sheet is in progress, Arthur shows in the animation in an astronaut suit)

Arthur (should sound like reading a letter,sadly, warmly ;w; ):

"It is written in the human nature to aim for the things that cannot be reached."
Arthur:"We go further and further into the reaches of outer space to find inner worlds, even if there's little to no chance of finding one, especially not in our lifetime."
Arthur: "My Dear son, you did well, studying astrophysics like me, but I hope that you''ll understand that there's even more beyond science."
-short pause-
Arthur: "For me, my son; searching for a world called 'Celestia' has been the purpose of my life. I think I'm finally near to finding the other world I've been searching for."
-short pause-
Arthur: "I need You now to continue my research since, as you probably know by now..."
Arthur: "...I've already given my life for it." (it should sound a little dark)

Zenn Richtig, main character, astrophysics student,cheerful, but skeptical about things that have no logical explanation Zenn Richtig by Razuri-the-Sleepless Zenn Richtig charts by Razuri-the-Sleepless

Zenn: "Celestia..? "
Zenn: "Dad…"
Zenn: "...What kind of nonsense is that?!" (should sound a little dramatic)
Zenn: "I simply can't believe it!" (he should sound resentful, bitter, with pretension)
Zenn: "I've spent my whole life trying to be just like him, and now it turns out that I have just found a big fat joke book as a heritage!
Zenn: What should I do?"
Zenn: "This is awkward... A bolid?"
Zenn: "Well, that is..."
Zenn: "... definitely nothing I've been expecting to discover..."
Zenn: "A star...?"
Zenn: "Wha...?!" (suddenly stops)
Zenn: "Just... what kind of hallucination am I having?..."
Zenn: "...Because it's extremely realistic."
Zenn: "This is not real, this is not real..." (with a trembling voice)
Zenn: "What's with that cloud?"
Zenn: "Excuse me, sir..."
Zenn: "...H-huh??"
Zenn: "...What!?"
Zenn: "...Have to.. put on my ideological shell..."  (stuttering) (i recommend consonant sounds) "Have t-t-to p-put on my... m-my...")
Zenn: "Please, wait!"
Zenn: "...No way..."
Zenn: "H-hey! What are you?!" (should be said very quickly)
Zenn: "Ugh!"
Zenn: "I-I don't know what you're talking abo...Wait,did you say Celestia?"
Zenn: "Oh, that thing? It just fell to Earth from the sky." (should sound "whatever"-like)
Zenn: "W-what do you mean?"
Zenn: "Who..?"
Zenn: "Sooo... How are you going to conquer him? Do you have or something?"
Zenn: "...Well, good luck with that." (skeptical)
Zenn: "...Why exactly is she with you guys?" (not impressed)
Zenn: "Sooo... what happens to Celestia once Orion is gone?"
Zenn: "... Either I didn't get the joke, or you just told it wrong."
Zenn: "Can I really defend a world that..."
Zenn: "...I don't really believe exists?"
Zenn: "Honestly, you've got the wrong guy..."


Starry,second main character, around 12-13 year-old-looking boy from Celestia, a positive ball of energy (I think a girl would be nice to voice act him as well!)  chara sheet-Starry by Razuri-the-Sleepless (character sheet soon to be fixed, there will be no big changes to the design though, maybe just the color scheme of the clothes)

Starry: *gasps*
Starry: "Could it be...?"
Starry: "Now spill the beans. Where did you get the legendary artifact of Celestia?" (suspicious!)
Starry: "Earth..." (fascinated)
Starry: "There's a legend in this world..."
Starry: "We're doing good! More and more citizens are joining against Orion and soon we might be able to conduct a rebellion!" (very excited)
Starry: „That's why you're here, to protect Celestia!"

Margaret, 17-year old girl from Celestia, usually very shy, a little clumsy. Always trying to help others Margaret by Razuri-the-Sleepless She has a sweet, calm voice!

Margaret: "Could it be that he's the...Chosen One...?."
Margaret: "I want to help too......wwwaa-aaaa!" (cheerfully starts, then she makes a scream since she falls to the ground on her face xD clumsy) (You can also record her making noises like "oucchh..;A;" afterwards,but that's not necessary c: )
Margaret: "But we DO think you're special!"
Berenika, Berenika chara sheet by Razuri-the-Sleepless yet another girl from Celestia, she's slightly older than Margaret. A little harsh to men, very brave and..stylish. (I SO imagine her with british accent *3* but that's not necessary :) )

Berenika: "The star! Where did you steal it from?" (she should sound accusing)
Berenika: "See? They're so fluffy you can even sit
on them!" (it's about the clouds in Celestia, she should say it nonchalantly, amused, as she's hopping onto a cloud and sits on it)
Ciril, Ciril by Razuri-the-Sleepless 21 years old, also from Celestia,  happy-go lucky, prankster, often uses slang while talking (I so wanted to add some "yo" in his script but thought that would be too much for the serious script he has in the animation. xD)

Ciril: "That only a human from Earth can bring peace to Celestia and save us from the tyrant."
Ciril: "Orion." (it should sound very serious)
soldier/guard: "Fire!!!"
soldier/guard: "Get him!"
and a woman screaming shortly :)

How to take part in the casting ?

-choose a character You would like to play (You can choose as many as You want)
-record their script -please make it the best quality as You can; please record every line separately (each line should be a separate file) without background noises please ;A;, mp3 file
-send it to this email adress: ----------submissions are over!
Please entitle Your email with Your deviantart nickname, name of the character You chose and words "voice acting casting"
thank You!

Here are some tips for recording from ~BowermannMatt :) thank You once again for the tips!
"If you record in a small room like a closet and hang blankets on the wall to help minimize the echo. One other trick is to use a mic with a longer USB cable to keep the hard drive hum from showing up on the recording. And try not to use a headset mic. They are not very good for quality voice over work."

What are the prizes?

I'm willing to draw a picture and give points for each of the actors I'm going to choose for the animation :)

For Zenn's actor it would be a fullboy picture like this  moonlight sonata by Razuri-the-Sleepless and 300 points
For Arthur's and Starry's actors it would be a waist-up picture like: Georgia by Razuri-the-Sleepless and 120 points
For Ciril, Berenika or Margaret- a portrait picture like: commission-ShadowButterflyo by Razuri-the-Sleepless and 70 points
For the "other" section I'd like to give 40 points :)

Names of the voice actors will be announced here on DA and added to the credits of the finished animation :)

When is the deadline?
Since I need voice acting before drawing animation that includes talking characters, the deadline of submissions is this tuesday 15.01.2013. .The cast will be announced one/two days after that date :)

Good luck and thank You in advance for participating! ;A;
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DaveStriderAddict Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2013  Student General Artist
I wish I found this in time :1
NanetteRyder Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2013  Student General Artist
I can't believe I didn't find this in time! Gah! I even admired the storyboard excitedly a little bit a go! What a noob I am.
Graphix-Goddess Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2013  Professional Writer
If you still need any help, let me know - I'm a professional voiceover artist. ^__^ Sorry I missed the original post :(
BleedingRose1 Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Student Artist
i would have helped :(
ugh-what Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh wait...^^;
ignore my comment....
ugh-what Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i would be PERFECT for starry, im her same age, aussie female, hope its what your looking for
i would love to be her!
anijess3 Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I was so excited to enter this, I'm sorry I missed the deadline.
blueaelu Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2013  Student Writer
poo I wish I would have saw this sooner :( sad face
missanimestranger Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
Arrgh, its over!! And im british aswell. damn it!!
Naia-chu Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I was gonna record tomorrow T . T boomer.... just when I practiced my british accent xD! grr, well next time
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